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Charlotte’s largest wellness collaborative. Each business is owned and operated by individual practitioners.

Key Of Life Wellness and Massage, LLC

Massage Therapy, Mental Health Therapist

Licensed Professional Counseling and Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
Key Of Life Wellness and Massage LLC

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Key of Life Wellness LLC is small private practice of holistic therapists and counselors. Our goal is to help you find your key to wellness so that you can live your best life possible. Our practitioners help set goals and develop treatment plans designed for your individual needs and what you want to accomplish. The purpose of most therapies is to heal, or alleviate, symptoms of a concerning issue or condition. At Key Of Life Wellness our therapists and counselors will help you to attain your personal goals and overcome challenges, illnesses and disorders that may be affecting your personal daily life. As we progress throughout our lives we all have different struggles that we must face, and these cannot always be managed on our own. Tracey Beaty offers counseling with adults in the management of mood disorders, trauma, and anxiety by utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as Mindfulness Techniques. Betsy Burkart has been practicing massage for over 12 years helping to alleviate and manage chronic pain, anxiety, relieving stress and improving sleep patterns. Sarah Pegues has been practicing for 10 years and is fantastic at relaxation, working with those in chronic pain and is also currently working on continuing her education in oncology massage. Together, our practitioners at Key of Life Wellness and Massage LLC will help you open new doors of self discovery and wellness to improve every aspect of your life.

Why I Love What I Do

At Key of Life Wellness and Massage LLC we have a passion for helping others. We want each client to walk away feeling that we have helped to manage issues that they are concerned about. We are committed to helping our community through effective treatments for trauma, stress, anxiety, pain management & grief through the use of professional counseling and therapeutic bodywork & massage. Watching our client\'s accomplish goals they never new they could is what keeps us loving what we do every day!

Benefits Of Services

  • Help relieve stress and improve relaxation
  • Overall improvement and management of chronic pain
  • Improve energy, decrease effects of anxiety, tension and depression Improve joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve sleep patterns to aid in deeper more restful sleep
  • Improve joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Create solutions to difficult life situations involving trauma, stress, anxiety and grief.
  • Better understanding of yourself and your own goals and values to help improve personal relationships.


Tracey Beaty MA, LPC Sarah Pegues NCLMBT #9913 Betsy Burkart NCLMBT #7141


At Key of Life Wellness our practitioners have received extensive training in their respective fields of work. Each of our massage therapists has over 10 years of experience working will clients and Tracey Beaty has 27 years of clinical experience in professional counseling. Please visit our website to learn more about each practitioners educational background.

Healing Modalities

Each business is owned and operated by individual practitioners. Please contact them directly for appointments, class/workshop information, or questions you may have.

Charlotte’s largest wellness collaborative. Each business is owned and operated by individual practitioners. Please direct your questions for scheduling, classes and offerings to the practitioner you would like to work with.

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