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Charlotte’s largest wellness collaborative. Each business is owned and operated by individual practitioners.

Healing Modalities

Caron Lerner

Licensed Massage Therapist, LMBT #13620

Cupping Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Stress Management, Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Medical Massage
Tree of Life Massage Therapy Studio

Bldg. 2, Ste. 235-A


I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1990. I was educated in New York and moved to Charlotte, NC in 2011. Opening up my own Massage Studio was a life changing choice. My dedication to my clients provides an unending education that gives me fulfillment that each day I have the opportunityto alter a life and provide the opportunity to help people. Knowing I can help my clients ease their pain, de-stress and relax is a humbling privilege.

Why I Love What I Do

I am a massage therapist. It's not something I do, it's who I am. There's a certain mind set as I walk into my studio. A confidence in my gut knowing that I am about to alter a persons life today and in turn alter my life as well. A sharing of energy begins as the massage begins. My intuition kicks in as I begin to feel the different tones of the body. My mind and body work together to seek out and find your areas of tension, stress and discomfort. I've listened to your information and we've discussed what your average day consists of. What your work habits are, how much time you spend sitting at a desk, in a car, standing at work, fitness and what your activities of daily living include. From your information and what I feel, we can begin to work together to weave a plan of wellness that you can incorporate into your life to help you function with more ease as you continue in your busy life with family, work, and leisure.

Benefits Of Services


    North Carolina LMBT #13620


    New York College for Health Education and Research

    Healing Modalities

    Each business is owned and operated by individual practitioners. Please contact them directly for appointments, class/workshop information, or questions you may have.

    Charlotte’s largest wellness collaborative. Each business is owned and operated by individual practitioners. Please direct your questions for scheduling, classes and offerings to the practitioner you would like to work with.

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