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Charlotte’s largest wellness collaborative. Each business is owned and operated by individual practitioners.

Ed Carlton

Empath, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer

Intuitive Counseling, Mediumship-connecting with loved ones on the other side. Energy work, clearing and healing
Psychic Medium Ed

Bldg. 1, Ste. 207-D


Ed is an Empath. During readings his Angels and Guides communicate with your angels and guides to give you messages. Sometimes past loved ones come through, which is always a blessing. Ed continues to grow and expand with his abilities and relationship with Spirit. He is a certified Medium and Channel from Delphi University. Being a clear Channel is important to Ed as this is the only way we can truly connect through healing, love and light.

Why I Love What I Do

Connecting with Spirit through angels and spirit guides. I have a strong passion with helping people who want to learn to connect with Spirit. I feel so strongly about it I have created a team who has a deep connection and have worked hard to educate themselves to give the best services possible. Meet the Psychic Medium Ed Team:

Benefits Of Services


    Certified Medium


    Delphi University for Mediumship and advanced channeling

    Healing Modalities

    Each business is owned and operated by individual practitioners. Please contact them directly for appointments, class/workshop information, or questions you may have.

    Charlotte’s largest wellness collaborative. Each business is owned and operated by individual practitioners. Please direct your questions for scheduling, classes and offerings to the practitioner you would like to work with.

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