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Charlotte’s largest wellness collaborative. Each business is owned and operated by individual practitioners.

Amy Campbell Pratt

Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach, Facilitator of Healing, Media Coach

Amy specializes in empowerment workshops, media coaching, coaching from Victim to Victor, and energy work.
Facilitate the Healing

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Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach, Facilitator of Healing With a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, Magna Cum Laude, Amy went on to become a Reiki practitioner, life coach and facilitator. She has combined the fundamentals of psychology with the healing energy of Reiki and the accountability of a coach to help you re-energize your still small voice. Moving your from REACTING out of fear and resentment to RESPONDING with love and compassion. Helping you live a congruent life, through facilitating acceptance of where you are on your life’s journey, not condemning how far you have to come, instead rejoicing in the breakdowns. You are not broken, but wonderfully and beautifully made. Sessions are intended as a journey of acceptance, connecting and re-energizing your still small voice into a belly howl of healing. You are right where you are supposed to be on your journey. Change is uncomfortable. Change is possible. Breakthroughs are possible. Healing is possible. You have to DECIDE that you want it more than you are afraid of it. As a lifelong learner, producer and teacher, she has spent the majority of her life bringing out the best in people on camera, now as a certified life coach and Reiki practitioner she is combining her media coaching with the healing arts and achieving great results with her clients. Moving them from their heads to their feet facilitating positive change in their lives. “Anything is possible if you only believe.” Jimney Cricket. Being diagnosed with anxiety and severe depression she has also developed a variety of workshops to help you thrive instead of barely getting by, which includes: Breathing through your fears, Goal setting with Intention, Manifesting your hearts desire through visualization, Getting past what you can’t get over, and SORTing out the past to discover you are right where you are supposed to be with the unique skill set you need to achieve your deepest desire. She also conducts monthly empowerment workshops hearing from guest speakers monthly who have DECIDED to change and are living their purpose everyday despite their fears. To learn more about these amazing workshops go to:

Why I Love What I Do

After spending years thinking I was broken, and barely getting by, it is my great honor and my life’s purpose to help others overcome their obstacles and become Victors not Victims. Watching that proverbial ‘light switch’ go off in clients is amazing, watching them reconnect to their still small voice to live the life they have only dreamed. There is nothing like it. Promoting healing and positive change in just one, can create lasting change for the world.

Benefits Of Services

  • • Promotes Self Empowerment
  • • Connecting your mental health with your spiritual health
  • • Reenergizing and connecting you to your Still Small Voice
  • • Promotes Positive Change
  • • Goal Setting
  • • Intention Building
  • • Meeting the Highly Significant You Hidden by Your Trauma
  • • Promotes Self Esteem, and Self Acceptance
  • • Removing Blockages through Energy Work
  • • Providing a light house on your journey to self discovery and change
  • • Coaching through Depression and Anxiety
  • • Moving you from Victim to Victor


Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Life Coach


Bachelors of Arts, Psychology, Magna Cum Laude

Healing Modalities

Each business is owned and operated by individual practitioners. Please contact them directly for appointments, class/workshop information, or questions you may have.

Charlotte’s largest wellness collaborative. Each business is owned and operated by individual practitioners. Please direct your questions for scheduling, classes and offerings to the practitioner you would like to work with.

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