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Charlotte’s largest wellness collaborative with independently owned holistic and mental health businesses and community event space.

Holistic Health Practitioners at Elemental Healing Charlotte

At Elemental Healing Charlotte, we believe the foundation for good health and a happy life is based upon the balance of our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We’re ALL capable of achieving it, it just requires a few helping hands along the way. That’s where we come in…

Elemental Healing Charlotte provides our community with the unique ability to address all areas of health in one convenient wellness center. Here, you’ll benefit from physical movement, Charlotte mental health counseling, emotional nurturance, and spiritual guidance from over 30 independent* holistic and mental health practitioners; each brining their unique healing gift to you in their specialty, approach and technique. We welcome you to explore the possibilities!

Healing Modalities Currently Offered:

Interested in attending an event at Elemental Healing Charlotte? Our calendar is chock-full of amazing classes that will leave you feeling happy and full of life!

*Each practitioner or therapist owns and operates their own business entity and are completely independent from Elemental Healing Charlotte, LLC. Their business hours, practices, and marketing (online or off) are not reflective of the personal or business views, opinions, or intentions of Elemental Healing Charlotte or its employees.