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People use God Boxes to pray, to let go or send out positive intentions to the universe.

God Boxes

  • Do you wish you had a symbolic way to release a person, place, situation, problem or issue to your higher power?
  • Do you sometimes wish you had a physical way to demonstrate turning things over to your higher power?
  • Do you wish you had a hands-on way of showing gratitude?

A God Box just might be the answer for you!

People use God Boxes to pray, to let go or send out positive intentions to the universe. Some people like to open the box and read their prayer, or request many months later to see what miracles have occurred. Using the God Box allows a person to release people, places, and situations that are beyond their control. A God Box is a symbolic way of letting go, and turning things over.

The God Box has also been termed a God Can, which infers “I can’t, but God Can.” As with many other spiritual things in life, the exact workings of a God Box can’t be explained or reasoned. However, the physical, emotional, and spiritual act of placing (letting go or turning over) a request, an issue or a person into the God Box has brought many people personal relief.

So come and be creative, make your own personal God Box. All supplies will be provided.

The God Box is a useful method for helping you to let go of worry, reducing anxiety and for solving the seemingly unsolvable problem. You could also call this your Higher Self Box, or Angel Box – whatever suits you. You make it, so it is special for you.
It works like this – you write down whatever issue it is that is concerning you that you have been unable to resolve or let go of. You then place the piece of paper in the God Box and relinquish control of fixing the situation to a higher power.

Whenever you think of the problem again, you just say to yourself, “It’s OK, it’s in the God Box – and I’ll let my higher power handle it.

You can put anything you like in the box that are typically related to a worry related to:

  • The future
  • Your health
  • Your anxiety
  • Your children, or how to deal with your children
  • Your relationships
  • Your tendency to be impatient, lonely, or angry
  • Even to find where something has been mislaid … whatever you like!

You will find this practice at the center of many self-help techniques and all spiritual practices.

The beauty of the God Box is the physical component of writing your concern down and placing it in the box. The mind enjoys the finality of that gesture and isn’t so tempted to keep revisiting the concern because it is physically safely tucked away in the box and handed over to a higher intelligence to sort out.

By putting thoughts down on paper, we give them more structure, rather than endlessly going around and around without direction. We so often keep coming back to the same thoughts again and again in an attempt to sort the issues out.

The mind has the tendency to constantly go off on tangents and writing is one way of bringing much needed focus to the mind. The end result is a quieter, more peaceful mind and because we are not so caught up in our worries we are more open to picking up on those things that are going to help us.

The God Box is not an excuse for sitting back and doing nothing. You continue to make decisions and take action when appropriate.

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