A Wellness Center and Event venue in charlotte

Together We Do More

Charlotte’s “go-to” wellness collaborative for privately owned holistic and mental health businesses with community event space.

Elemental Healing Charlotte

“No man is an Island when it comes to Good Health”

Imagine being able to relax and unwind from a visit with your massage therapist, then further melt away any stress by attending a meditation class? Or, doing yoga after your appointment with your mental health
counselor to solidify your mind-body connection?

The healing that takes place can truly be profound – when you combine all the right elements.
That’s Elemental Healing Charlotte!

Who is Elemental Healing Charlotte?

  • We are a community of healers – A unique wellness center in Charlotte with  independent, holistic and mental health practitioners.
  • We are an event venue providing space for events/workshops/classes – Two event rooms are currently available; Community/Movement Room #1, and a Creative Arts Studio.
  • We are wellness educators – Be enlightened, intrigued, and informed by attending our events and classes.
  • We are the positive environment you and your practice will thrive in – Choose from private, or shared office space.

Our Practitioners

It takes more than just one person, one modality, or one session to achieve true wellness.

The holistic health practitioners and mental health counselors at Elemental Healing Charlotte are passionate souls that have found their calling by healing others. They come from all walks of life and experiences, and they’ve come to offer you the beauty of healing a multitude of ailments (that are actually all connected) under one roof so you can achieve the peace, balance and happiness you deserve as a human being.

Healing modalities include, but are not limited to mental health counseling, massage therapy, nutrition/health coaching, metaphysical/spiritual studies and guidance, hypnotherapy, QiGong, yoga, and many more. At Elemental Healing Charlotte, we’ve got wellness covered!

About Our Owner, Margaret Wyche

In 1999, I read the book the Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdock. When I finished reading it, I picked up paper and a pencil and wrote my vision of what is today called, Elemental Healing Charlotte. I wish I could tell you exactly what I read that moved me to have the vision for EHC, but I really don’t know. As I see it now, it was divinely given to me by the universe.

And as it was divinely given, the universe helped EHC take shape. As we opened our doors, EHC took on a life of its own. My hope was to provide space for therapists to work and for people to gather for events and workshops. I believe that even more has happened. We have become through divine design a unique blend of therapist and practitioners that have assembled themselves at EHC that offer healing on every level – body, mind and spirit. My dream – a holistic approach.

I have many people to thank for helping EHC come into fruition. Jackie Burleson for her encouragement in taking the leap of faith to begin EHC. Kalania for channeling the name Elemental Healing Charlotte. Vernon Goode and Julie Lee for believing in me, my vision and building out what you see today as EHC. And Kimberly Om for being my first business manager helping me hold it all together. And Robyn Albaum for stepping in when Kimberly moved. Robyn you have truly helped EHC become what it is today. And lastly, all the tenants and event space renters here at EHC. Without each of you there would be no EHC. I feel truly blessed as we begin our 11th year. I am full of love and gratitude for each and every person who has brought us to this point and to all those that will help us as we continue the journey.

Events in Charlotte at Elemental Healing

Hosting an event takes a lot of planning and execution. But the tough part shouldn’t be finding the perfect venue! Elemental Healing Charlotte offers the community and our renter’s two beautiful spaces to choose from that each stand alone in their unique look, feel, décor, and capacity.

Booking your event at Elemental Healing Charlotte is simple with our online booking system. We require a 50% deposit to reserve and offer unique benefits not found elsewhere.  Learn more about booking space at Elemental Healing Charlotte!

"EHC has been a great place to start and grow my business. I have greatly appreciated how willing they are to work with my company's needs."


 Tim Wood
Charlotte Counseling Group, PLLC

"We have been offering our “boutique style” yoga classes at Elemental Healing since July 2017. It’s a peaceful & serene setting perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere for our yoga students to unwind. We really appreciate the like minded people that also offer their healing services at EH. The director Margaret Wyche and Manager Robyn Albaum have made us feel at home & are a pleasure to work with. The location is excellent and there is abundant parking. Elemental Healing is a gem providing a beautiful space for varieties of healing services in Charlotte."


Elaine Parker
The Yoga Oasis
Event Facilitator

"Elemental Healing has provided me with a place of peace, reliability, and consistency with starting and growing my private practice. They have been super with providing emergency space needs when they arise, and are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure their tenants are comfortable."


 Shana N. Cauthen

Cauthen Counseling and Consulting, PLLC

"I have been using the space for a few years and it has been great. The fellow renters are friendly and helpful. If there is a request put in it is promptly addressed. Thanks for all Robyn and Margaret do!!!"


 Nadia Antoszyk

Nadia Antoszyk, LCSW

"I have been running my full 6 day Thai Yoga Bodywork Certification training at EHC for the past five years. I am so impressed with the quality of this center. Everything just works fluidly, from the initial contact, to the room preparation and the space itself...It's open and inviting, warm and has great natural lighting. They have all the yoga props I need and even tables for my merchandise. Other perks are a great location with lots of good eateries around, as well as ample parking and two bathrooms. There are very few rental spaces for running a training that compare with this one. I hope to do many more workshops at EHC...Thank You!"


 Michael Sitzer

Thai Yoga Trainings

"When I moved my business from Chicago to Charlotte, EHC became an instant home. Robyn and Margaret are passionate about health and healing, and have been nothing but supportive over the last 5 years."


 Yadi Alamin

Charlotte Reflexology