Mental/Emotional Health

Elemental Healing Charlotte is home to several mental health counselors, each with their own expertise whether it be adults, couples, children, or families. Specialties include, but are not limited to: addiction/substance abuse, relapse prevention, depression, anger management, bi-polar disorder, grief/loss, co-dependency, self-esteem, and many others.

Learn about the independent mental health professionals at Elemental Healing Charlotte by clicking on the profiles below. Groups often meet at Elemental Healing on a regular basis. Please check our calendar for more information.

NOTE: If you require immediate attention, please call 911, or call Behavioral Health Center CMC-Randolph at 704-444-2400, or 800-418-2065 (24hr call center). Additional resources are listed at the end of this page.

  • Jennifer Bower

    Jennifer is a Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Consultant using energy healing modalities, intuitive readings, and spiritual counseling to assist you in discovering the obstacles in your life, prioritize and process each issue, and heal the mind, body and spirit. Sessions are intended as a journey of healing, self-actualization, personal development, and spiritual growth.

  • Emily Hatcher

    Rather than treating symptoms, Dr. Hatcher works with you to identify and address the root cause of your health concerns.  Her passions include women's health, natural fertility, thyroid/adrenal health, autoimmunity and gastrointestinal conditions.

  • Ashley Francis

    Talk therapy leaving you feeling half-fulfilled? Have you tried a multitude of services and you just aren’t getting the results you know you’re capable of achieving?  Or are you new to therapy and finding yourself feeling overwhelmed going from site to site, reading dozens of profiles, and trying to choose your best therapist simply based on a trustworthy face and a few buzz words that might fit your needs?  The remedy?  Connect with a specialist!

  • Justin Perry

    I believe we are all recovering from something. As a clinician, I believe that a healthy nonjudgmental relationship is foundational to each of our healing journeys. Having someone who we can be honest with, who is honest with us, allows us to be honest with ourselves and reach our ultimate potential.

  • Steve Hanna

    Steve is a Licensed Professional Counselor; a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist and and certified in the Love First, Arise and Guided Intervention models. As a seasoned interventionist,clinician, presenter and program developer with over 25 years of post-masters practice, his career has focused on helping individuals and families who are affected by substance use and mental health issues.

  • Kathie Smith

    Finding and facilitating Reconnective Healing work is the culmination of many years of searching for the work that felt “just right”. I am a mother, a grandmother, and a great grandmother; a searcher for the delight that is beyond the next hill or around the next corner.

  • Nancy Ennis

    I am a Licensed HeartMath Coach and Certified Resilience Trainer with a background in Holistic Health. As an RN with a Master’s Degree in Science, I entered the field of Holistic Nursing and Patient Education. I worked in hospitals developing and implementing Patient Education programs that empowered people to take care of their health in holistic ways.

  • Ama Owusuaa

    I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and I provide individual and couple counseling services in Charlotte, NC. I provide counseling to adolescence, adults, couples, and families.

  • Elvita Kondili

    For the past 14 years, Elvita has had the privilege of walking side by side countless individuals on their journey to self-discovery, healing and transformation. She feels very passionate about her work and considers it to be very meaningful and sacred.

  • Stacey Cruz

    Stacey is a NC Board Licensed Professional Counselor and a NC Board Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist.  She specializes in using EMDR therapy to treat anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD.

  • Julie VonderHaar

    I believe our greatest healing emerges out of our deepest challenges and struggles. My passion is to support people in developing awareness and compassion for self and others. I am dedicated to guiding clients in responding skillfully to life's challenges rather than reacting to them.

  • Wendy Balconi

    Educated in both the UK and the US, I have a Masters degree in clinical Social Work. I am a licensed clinician with a private practice while I also work part-time for a local non-profit organization. Additionally, I have a practitioner’s license in Energy Medicine and a Level II Reiki practitioner’s license.

  • Deborah Leighton

    Deborah began working in the fields of addiction and dual diagnoses more than 30 years ago. She graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Psychology and completed a master's program at Appalachian State University in Clinical Psychology.

  • Eva Gourley

    Eva integrates balancing the 9 energy systems always connecting and healing the emotional component. As an Advanced Practioner of Eden Energy Medicine, she looks at the meridians, chakras, electrics, along with the other 5 energy systems.

  • Carol Baccile

    As a certified Akashic Records Reader, Angel Oracle and Tarot Card Reader, Emotional Clearing Facilitator and Spiritual Teacher, I am here to help you transform your life from struggle and discontent to joy, abundance and inner peace.

  • Nadia Antoszyk

    Nadia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker focusing on children, adolescents, adults and couples aged 5 and up. She has over 20 years of experience with children and families using a variety of treatment modalities.

  • Charlotte Therapy Associates

    In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, our highly personalized approach is tailored to each of our clients individual needs to help attain the personal growth they’re striving for.

  • Susan Spicer-Lee

    Susan is a Masters Level Social Worker, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Licensed Additions Specialist. Susan works with individuals, families, and couples.

  • Timothy Wood

    Tim’s range of experience includes working with families and individuals in the areas of mood disorders, anxiety, family conflict, abuse issues (physical and sexual), crisis counseling, multi-cultural counseling, anger management, self-harm, vocational, substance abuse, marriage counseling, men’s health, and rehabilitation counseling. In addition, Tim specializes in working with family members of individuals with physical, emotional, and developmental disabilities.

  • Margaret Wyche

    Margaret is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist and a Certified Clinical Supervisor.

Additional Mental Health Resources in Charlotte:

Alcoholics Anonymous
24 hour Hotline: 704-332-4387
Toll Free: 1-877-233-6853

Charlotte Al-Anon Family Groups
877-523-1159 or 704-523-1159

Narcotics Anonymous in Charlotte

Support Works

Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families (ACOA)
704-331-9500 or 704-523-1159

Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA)
Codependency Support Groups at SupportWorks

The Dilworth Center for Chemical Dependency

More links at Charlotte Therapy Associates (Ashleigh Bryan)