Yadi Alamin

Yadi Alamin_2013eLMBT, NMT, CCR, MA
Yadi has trained in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture as an apprentice. After 10 years in clinic, he developed a way to produce the physical/emotional changes without needles. After 10,000 hours of clinical experience, Yadi developed a REFLEXOLOGY system based on Traditional Oriental Meridians and Microsystems. He has helped thousands of people in person and worldwide in clinic, and in the practice of QiGong. Yadi is the author of 4 books, and has a library of QiGong Instructional DVDs sold in over 29 countries. He specializes in physical rehabilitation and “hard” health challenges that many modalities cannot help.

Benefits of Services: 

  • Overall Energy Improvements
  • Reduction In Pain and Frequency of Pain
  • Improved Constitution
  • Improved Physical Stamina
  • Many Anecdotal Reports of Complete Health Improvements
  • Stress Reduction
  • Joint Mobility Improvements
  • Improved Fat/Muscle Ratio
  • Breathing Improvements
  • Reported Chronic Back Pain Reduced

What do you love most about your work?
Yadi loves his work for one simple reason: It saved his own life. The work is genuine, and it gives people a chance to go beyond popping pills and getting band-aids. It gives people back their power!

“I love this place! I drove all the way from Miami just to get therapy and learn from Yadi, and Joi. They made me feel comforable and secure and mainly revitalized! I’ve recommended my family, and friends even from different countries to come and get therapy from Charlotte Reflexology. Yes! I will be back very soon! I cannot thank you guys enough!”

Contact Information
Suite 207-A
(704) 993-8321


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