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Steve is a Licensed Professional Counselor; a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist and is certified in the Love First, Arise and Guided Intervention models. As a seasoned interventionist,clinician, presenter and program developer with over 25 years of post-masters practice, his career has focused on helping individuals and families who are affected by substance use and mental health issues. His career started in 1991 working with teens in the school system and his training as an interventionist. He went on to work as a family and individual counselor at the Commencement Center, an addiction treatment center in Athens, Georgia. Steve also worked as a primary counselor ant Amethyst in Charlotte before going on to become th founder and clinical director  of the Eastover Awakenings Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program for adults with co-occuring disorders. In 2013 he began working full-time as an interventionist at Love First and helped implement, train and supervise Structure Family Recovery Counselors. He opened his own intervention and counseling practice in 2016.

What do you love most about your work?
Watching individuals and families reclaim their potential and live meaningful lives is the greatest joy in life.

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I was desperate in March of 2014 to find help for my 29 year old son who had been drinking for years!  He had told me repeatedly that he didn’t want any help and that he “loved his alcohol and his alcohol loved him”! But then he started making calls to family and friends asking permission to end his life!

I knew it was time to do something but I didn’t know what to do! A family member mentioned something about doing an intervention, so I found Steve Hanna’s name and number on an Intervention website! From my first call to Steve, I felt hopeful that he could help us help my son!! Steve expertly provided our 8 member family (via group conference calls) with much needed addiction education. He also began to get to know each of us to see where we all fit into our family dynamics. There were multiple calls and lots of family interaction. When the time was right under Steve’s professional & personal guidance, we were able to conduct an intervention that concluded with my son saying “I love alcohol but my family loves me more”! That day, my son willingly entered an alcohol treatment program AND successfully completed it!

I am happy to report, that by Steve’s amazing help along with lots of prayer and God’s amazing grace, my son has abstained from alcohol for 3.5 yrs! His life has totally changed! He is actively involved in AA and is in a supportive community of AA friends. He is involved with his family and friends in a totally new way! He returned to his teaching career and is now in Doctorate Program for Special Education. Life without alcohol hasn’t been easy for him but he has no desire to go back to his old life! He now appreciates and is thankful for his life! Our family is thrilled to watch him grow and experience life without alcohol! We will always be grateful to Steve for his immense passion for helping families, like us, reach out to their loved ones with the love & compassion it takes to break through the cycle of their self-destructive AND life-threatening addictions!
Forever Grateful in AZ, CT

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