Nancy Ennis

HeartMath Coach

I am a Licensed HeartMath Coach and Certified Resilience Trainer with a background in Holistic Health. As an RN with a Master’s Degree in Science, I entered the field of Holistic Nursing and Patient Education. I worked in hospitals developing and implementing Patient Education programs that empowered people to take care of their health in holistic ways.  Specializing in Diabetes Education and Management, I helped people make life style changes that led to living well with a chronic disease.  I practiced energy healing as a Reiki Master and Healing Touch Practitioner and facilitated Spiritual growth as an ordained minister. I began to realize there was a shift going on in our world and people were becoming aware that it involved a deep connection to our heart. This is when I found HeartMath.  Heart Math is an organization with headquarters in Boulder Creek California that has been doing scientific heart related research for two decades.  From this research they have developed simple, powerful tools and technology to connect us to our heart and the experience of humanities highest potential of heart centered living.   As I began to use these tools and facilitate HeartMath groups, I realized HeartMath has a way help us take what is often called the longest journey; the journey from our head to our heart.  It holds the potential to change the love of power to the power of love.  I have found HeartMath to be a path we can follow for this to happen.  I offer a 6-month Heart Discovery program that will take you into the depth of your heart to discover its power of Love and Wisdom and intelligence as you discover your unique dream and purpose.  I have group and individual coaching sessions, classes and events for the journey into heart centered living.

What do you love most about your work?
When hearts open, lives are changed by the transforming power of Love. It is my greatest Joy seeing and experiencing this transformation as people connect with their heart and heart centered living.  I love working with others to bring forth the vision of a better world, a world where Love prevails.  It is so fulfilling to work for the shift that is happening on planet earth and to experience the power of Love in action.

Benefits of Services:
• Deep Spiritual Connection
• Living with an open heart
• Clear Intuition
• Head –Heart coherence
• More loving relationships
• Discovering your dream and purpose
• Discovering the Miracles and Mystery of Love
• Improved holistic health
• Stress management
• Emotional management
• Emotional healing
• Self-care
• Self-compassion
• Self-forgivenes

Contact Information
Bldg. 1, Suite #111-2
(704) 619-5796