Judy Hansen

Universal Meduim, Shaman and Medical Intuitive

Judy, One-Speak, is a Shaman, Medical Intuitive, Universal Medium, Angel and Soul Coach who has empowered and inspired hundreds of thousands of people globally through universal mediumship, healing sessions, coaching and podcasts. She is the founder of the R.E.A.L.™ Success Blueprint Process, which is a state of the art ancient four-step process to help make the necessary changes for lasting transformation.

What do you love most about your work?
I love helping others to be more balanced in their lives.



Benefits of Services:

Revitalizes and rejuvenates the body
Clear chronic conditions of tension and pain
Restore and replenish your energy

Stimulates clarity in thinking
Nurtures and comforts
Increases feelings of inner peace
Enhances feelings of joy and pleasure
Clarity of focus
Feel a deeper worthy sense of love
Change sabotaging patterns to healthy fulfilling patterns
Experience adventure through all of your senses and sensations
Freedom from useless recurring patterns in life’s relationships
More productive in what you are doing

Opens energy centers
Cleans chakras
Expands your spiritual heart
Opens and widens your spiritual channel to God
Increases spiritual wisdom and knowing
Expands your energy field
Brings a deeper connection with your inner power, heart and soul
Enhances clarity of your life’s missions and passions
Connect to a delightful state of floating and wellbeing
Open energy channels that align the brain to your spiritual heart of God
Enhances clarity of your life’s passions and missions
Unfold your extra-sensory gifts
Experience a divine state of grace
Expansive feeling of freedom

“I invested in coaching with Judy. I am a different person. I have had a sense carrying what felt like dark clouds over me most of my life from remembering specific painful events from childhood through adult years. I was aware holding a lot of anger and pain, however I just didn’t know how to let the dark clouds go. I re-connected to my father’s spirit who transitioned couple of years ago. I was able to deeply forgive him and myself for all of the events that I believed that caused me pain, feeling unworthy and undeserving. For the first time in my life, I am able to have a genuine loving mother and daughter relationship with my mother. I can look her in her eyes and feel a deep love connection. My life has changed and I feel uplifting, lighter with more love.” — GS-Ohio

Contact Information
Bldg. 1, Suite 200-C, #4
(614) 209-3025