Eva Gourley

Eva Gourley_2013
Naturopathic Doctor, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practioner, Certified National Health Practioner, Iridologist, Master Herbalist, Scenar Theraptist

Eva integrates balancing the 9 energy systems always connecting and healing the emotional component. As an Advanced Practioner of Eden Energy Medicine, she looks at the meridians, chakras, electrics, along with the other 5 energy systems. Eva carefully guides her clients through “healing” regressions and repairing the Grid, the 9th energy system. This is key for people who have tried lots of alternative therapies without results. Visit Eva’s website for further information.

Benefits of Services:
• Eliminates Removes toxins and Food and Environmental Sensitivities

What do you love most about your work?
I am passionate about helping others to heal and move forward with their lives. I have spent years going to holistic doctors to try to heal my son of Asthma. It is through this experience that I decided to pass forward the information of healng, teaching my clients as much as I can, empowering them to take resposability for their health. Seeing others heal and feel better makes my day! I believe it is important be healthy so that you can walk through life accomplishing your soul’s purpose on this earth!  

Contact Information
EHC Suite 200