Caron Lerner

CaronLerner_Profile-Pic_201LMBT, NC
My relationship with the client is an integral part of the healing process.  The recovery from pain does not end when you get off my table. An understanding has to take place in educating toward a healthy lifestyle. Ergonomic changes at home and in the workplace will help to alleviate habitual processes that have led you to seek help for discomfort. The knowledge and understanding of the anatomy of pain on my behalf will put at ease the concerns of the client. I am here to allay your anxiety. I have the gift of knowing and loving what I do. It does not matter who gets on my table. It does not matter what physical problems are on my table. I WILL help you feel better.

Benefits of Services:
* Increases circulation of blood and Qi
* Decreases inflammation
* Enhances the immune system
* Relieves pain, stress and muscle tension
* Improves mood, intellectual reasoning and mental performance.
* Helps to achieve a more restful, deep sleep

What do you love most about your work?
I have the privilege of making a difference in my clients lives on a daily basis. I can all but guarantee that the person getting on my table will feel remarkably better getting off my table.The opportunity to have the ability to alter a persons day by helping to ease their pain is cathartic.

Contact Information
Suite 235-A
(516) 652-5522