Get To Know Your Spleen

Get To Know Your Spleen

It’s SPLEEN SEASON! According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the universe is made up of Five Physical Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each season represents a different element, and each element represents a different organ.

What happens during spleen season? Well…the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di) said that SPLEEN SEASON represents the EARTH element, and the emotion of WORRY. This is a time to get rooted, go to bed earlier, and to prepare for the winter months. It is good to eat earlier, move your body (because it’s getting cool) and GROUND YOURSELF! Making these small changes can help your transition into the cooler months of the year.

People get colds and flus in SPLEEN SEASON! If you notice anything about people, they tend to catch colds and flus during season changes. This change of seasons requires some lifestyle shifts to fit the change. Most people don’t even realize that major holidays are usually during seasonal changes. Holiday gatherings were usually joyous and heart-warming times that made people feel GOOD. The emotional state during season changes has a lot to do with YOUR HEALTH.

SPLEEN, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, being related intimately with the heart (located just underneath the heart), and the liver (located on the opposite side of the spleen), has a strong effect on your ability to plan and prepare. When the SPLEEN becomes DAMP (according to TCM), you have a stronger chance of becoming ill. Long term SPLEEN dampness can even lead to more serious diseases.

How do I know if my SPLEEN is imbalanced?
SPLEEN Qi imbalance symptoms are: Fatigue, bloating, loose stools, poor appetite, weight loss, wasting away, sagging organs, candida, food allergies, hepatic (liver) disorders, internal bleeding, bruising and gastritis.

What can I do for my SPLEEN?

  1. Remember, the body and mind are one unit. Your wellness is mostly dependent on your reserve energy or Qi to get you through difficult periods. If you don’t know how to eat to build your Qi, consult someone skilled and make a few changes to your food rotation. If you haven’t learned, take some Tai Chi, QiGong, Yoga or any other classes that involve mind, body and breath. Most of all, find out what your body is doing from the inside out!

Life can be easy, even during times of change. Working with the 5 Elements of nature is much simpler than trying to make nature work for you!

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